75 Cool Art Deco & Industrial Wall Finish Ideas for Your Remodel

Wall Finishing Options

The walls take up most of the room’s space. It is a big blank canvas in which an artist, or even the regular homeowner, could work on. The walls can enhance a room’s design or bring together the whole look you want to have. It can also be a way to hide the room’s flaws and weaker points. Walls can enliven the room and set the mood for it.

Before deciding on how to treat your walls with wall finish, first asses what the basics are. Does the room have enough natural or artificial light? Is the room big or small? Are the architectural designs something you would like to be more obvious or less obvious? Here are some elements you need to know, before deciding on what to do with your room’s walls.

Cool Wall Paint Ideas

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Most people prefer paint as wall finish. It is cheaper, easier to do and can come in various textures and technique. There are a thousand of colors to choose for painting your walls. A lot of paint shops and home centers have palettes for you to play around with.

When you’ve chosen the shade you would like to have, you can then decide on what paint technique to use. These are some of the decorative techniques used to treat walls: combing, granite-finish, color washing, marbling, crackling, sponging, ragging and stripping. Sponging and marbling effects used to be a popular choice, but these days, homeowners opt for a more subdued application like color washing and combing, because they add texture and intensity without being too obvious.

With a paint finish, remember that:

  • Matte paints absorb light the most and may be a good choice for the living room
  • Semi gloss or gloss bounces light and can be easily cleaned by scrubbing. It is ideal for areas where many activities happen. This treatment however, highlights the wall’s imperfection
  • Water based paint is most preferred versus an oil based paint. Water based paints do not have any odor and are easy-drying. They are also easier to clean.

Cool Wallpaper Ideas

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Wallpapers can soften a room’s look, as well as add dimension to it. It can serve as a backdrop to a dull looking room. It can even hide some of the imperfections by creating illusions. If the room is too small or too boxy, for example, choosing the right wallpaper design can make it appear larger and roomier. 

Wallpapers are not that difficult to install. It is normally applied over drywall, or plaster or even existing wallpaper. 

With a wallpaper finish, remember that:

  • Traditional designs come in a variety of hues that add texture.
  • Embossed wallpapers create interesting stucco designs that can make a contemporary room look differently.
  • Wallpapers also come in silk or natural fibre. These types create a basic and neutral backdrop.
  • Vinyl wallpaper is best for kitchen or bathroom use. This material tends to resist moisture. 
  • Some designs, like those made in foil or are uncoated, may be a little difficult to install, so it is a good idea to let professionals do it.
  • Although wallpaper installation is relatively easy and having them on the walls can do a lot for the room, they are somewhat prone to wear, tear and damage. It is, after all, just paper.

Cool Wall Molding Ideas

Wall treatments like moldings and baseboards can lend character to a space. They may be used to divide or define spaces, depending on style and scale. Moldings are back in style and can be found at many home centers and lumber shops. Some specialty shops may even offer you a wider section and do custom made designs.

With moldings, remember that:

  • Elaborate moldings can enhance rooms to make it grander
  • But smaller rooms need not have it because it will overpower the look of the room
  • Pinewood or hardwood are best for stained look, but if you are looking for a plain molding to paint on, choose medium density fibreboard (MDF) materials.