Barry Paints has over twenty years’ experience in exterior staining and waterproofing. We work with decks, outbuildings, fencing, doors, siding, exterior trim and any surface that requires staining or waterproofing.

We deliver top quality workmanship for both commercial and residential properties. From simple deck staining to entire exterior renovations. If you need exterior staining or waterproofing, we’re the guys to call!

Our staining and waterproofing services can include:

  • Deck staining
  • Doors and exterior trim staining and waterproofing
  • Outbuilding waterproofing or staining
  • Exterior wood repair and maintenance

No job is too big or too small for the professional team at Colorado Springs Painters. We tailor all our services to suit your property needs regardless of property size, location or condition. With free quotations and guarantees on all work carried out, we’re your perfect property partner!

Deck staining, cleaning and repair

Decks are a way of life in Colorado and make up a significant portion of our outdoor space. Left untreated they are susceptible to mold, damp, discoloration and degradation. Treat them with a good quality weatherproof stain and your deck will provide many years of faithful service with the minimum of maintenance.

Doors and exterior trim

Ever been frustrated by a door that won’t shut properly or that is showing signs of age? Want to keep using your wooden door but don’t want it swelling in winter or shrinking in summer? Our door and exterior trim services are here to help. We can strip down, stain or weatherproof your doors and exterior trim so it lasts the test of time and looks good doing it!

Outbuilding waterproofing or staining

If you have timber outbuildings, a treehouse, garden bridge or something else, you want to enjoy it for the longest time right? Maintenance is going to be key to that and is something we can take care of for you. We can clean, stain, weatherproof, maintain and repair exterior timber of any kind.

Exterior wood repair and maintenance

If you use timber elsewhere on the property, we can help with that too. As Oklahoma property maintenance experts, we can provide effective repair, maintenance, weatherproofing or staining services on all kinds of outside surfaces. Contact us to learn more.

The experts at Barry Paints provide quality cost-effective exterior staining and waterproof services. Give your home the makeover it deserves by contacting our expert team today!