25 Examples of Awesome & Inexpensive Cabinet Refinishes (wood to paint)


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For those who want to opt for new kitchen cabinets, make sure you choose wisely!

There are a considerable number of types of cabinets that can be used in a house; however, the types that should be used all depend on the type of house that you have and the type of design that you have going for it. If you have a more modern look with metal furniture, it would not be wise to go with a light-colored wood cabinet because the look wouldn’t fit, for example. Therefore, there are a ton of decisions to make when trying to decide what types of cabinets to get.

The following things are important to keep in mind when picking cabinets for your house. Knowing these things will make the cabinet purchasing and building much easier:

  • Feel of the room: As mentioned in the above paragraph, if you are going for a modern look to your site, it would be incredibly foolish to try and throw together very traditional looking cabinets because these don’t fit with the style that you are going with. Instead of going with a traditional look, it would be wise to install dark or black wood cabinets or, if you’re feeling very modern, use metal cabinets.
  • Functional capacity: If you are going for a cabinet that is going to hold a lot of material, it is important to use a stronger wood and heavy-duty screws because they will be able to carry the burden. Using lighter woods or weak nails would cause the cabinets to not only break from within, but potentially fall off of the wall because of the increased weight inside the cabinet.
  • Cost: As cliché as it might seem, cost is one of the biggest deciding factors for people when they decide to go with cabinets. Pre-assembled cabinets are typically much cheaper than custom made cabinets because of mass-production. If a company can only make a single cabinet with that design, they are going to charge a lot more than if they are able to mass-produce it. If you want custom, expect to spend more money on it.
  • Material: Do you want to have plain wood cabinets, or do you want to put glass in it and give it a classier look? Do you want to use particle board or plywood? This ties in with the cost, but the materials that are needed for the cabinets is important to keep in mind because it helps to determine the design that can be implemented. The better you’ve designed the cabinets and the stronger materials that you pick, the better the cabinets will work functionally speaking.

Cabinets are a great way to add storage to the room, but to also give a more complete feel to it. Cabinets are another way to add decoration to the room and that means it is important to pick the proper cabinets. Whether you are looking for cabinets for your office, kitchen, or bathroom, picking the right cabinet falls on the above four points. What is the feel, how functional do you want them to be, what can you afford, and finally, what sorts of material do you want to use?

Answer the above four questions in whatever way you will and determine what you feel is the best bet for your house. In the end, you can custom make any cabinet even if you purchase ready built cabinets. Find what fits best for your wallet, house, and functional needs. Then, you will be able to design your house in the best way. This will make the house more appealing and comfortable to live in. Finally, it will give you a little more storage.

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