Pressure washing your deck or patio is typically a springtime job but we occasionally do it in fall or even winter. It’s a time-consuming job but one that repays your efforts with a sparkling clean deck all ready for summer.

If your deck is looking a little worse for wear, is slimy with mold or just needs a tidy up, a couple of hours pressure washing can transform it. The same for patios.

We can do it for you or you can tackle it yourself.

Here’s how.

Pressure wash your decking

You’ll need a pressure washer of course, a broom, some detergent suitable for decking, some boots and clothes you don’t mind getting wet and covered in grime.

Once you have all those things, clear the decking and keep pets and children well out of the way.

Brush your decking to remove any loose or larger pieces of dirt and debris.

Connect your pressure washer to your exterior tap and make sure there is good water flow. Set your washer up, plug it in and make sure it has enough water for its needs.

Use a standard nozzle or patio nozzle if you have one and work your way down the decking boards with the grain while applying the pressure. You should be able to follow where the jet is by the cleanliness compared to pre-washed decking.

Try to keep a consistent pressure and distance from the deck for best results and always keep the nozzle moving!

Hold the nozzle still for any length of time and you’ll get a light spot. You may also begin wearing at the wood, removing the weatherproof staining.

Keep the nozzle moving and use an even motion and your finish should be a lot better for it.

Work your way across the deck until you’re completely done.

If you have areas that are particularly stained or won’t come clean just a jet nozzle on your pressure washer or deck cleaning detergent. Make sure to rinse the decking off thoroughly if you use detergent.

If you use a jet nozzle, do so carefully as they aren’t designed for wood and could damage your deck if you’re not careful.

Pressure washing a patio

The process for pressure washing a patio is largely the same as for decking. You can use the same pressure washer, same nozzles and same technique.

You obviously won’t be able to use the deck cleaning detergent but there are options for patios.

Again, clear the patio area off so it’s clean. Brush it to remove loose dirt and debris and pressure wash the patio in a methodical way.

If you have loose or old mortar, pay particular attention between patio slabs so you don’t flush out the jointing or sand, depending on what you used.

Once finished, brush down again to remove excess water and allow to dry naturally.

Pressure washing your deck or patio is very straightforward but a time consuming and messy job. If you don’t want to do it yourself, it makes perfect sense to pay someone else.

We could be that someone else!