Painting may seem a blasphemous thing to consider when dealing with furniture, cabinets, or even walls. It is true that it doesn’t suit every piece or every finish, but in some cases, paint is the ideal treatment for wood. This talk of painting may have brought to mind ugly emulsion covered objects or badly lacquered cabinets from the 1970’s. Nowadays paint can be a delicate and as beautiful as any other type of finish.

Faux finish for example is a very elegant way to finish an item of furniture, a room, or even a single wall. The right paint and finish can make a piece stand out or look completely at home in its setting. Styles like Antique and Classic European both use paints to achieve some results. The distressed look can be achieved with paint as can a modern look.

As with many things painting is all in the preparation rather than execution. The surfaces have to be properly cleaned, sanded, smoothed and filled to ensure the end result is worth the effort. If the wood is naked or has never been treated then it will need to be prepared properly to get a good finish. A knotting solution will need to be applied and allowed to dry then the whole surface will need to be primed ready for the paint. Priming properly will ensure the paint effect will be smooth and even, and that the pain doesn’t soak into the wood.

Whatever effect you want to achieve, we have the expertise on hand to ensure you realize it.

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