Making one material resemble another goes back at least as far as the Egyptians. The Romans used it to great effect in their temples, fooling many a worshipper into thinking common stone was in fact marble.

A good quality faux finish can transform any piece of wood, from a small vanity to an entire library when done well. Apart from a skilled artisan, a combination of good quality materials and tools are needed to make faux finishing work. Tools like sea sponges, cheesecloth rags and softening and stippling brushes can create different types of finishes such as color washing, stippling, ragging, antiquing, marbling and strie.

Strie is where a comb is used to create lines in a glaze which is further coated and combed again to create any combination of patterns. The other finishes are variations that produce different effects on the same wood using different glazes and tools.

Faux finishes of a high quality can recreate marble, stone, wood and may other textures and finishes. It is being increasingly used by architects and interior designers for quality finishes in homes, offices and even luxury yachts! You too can have a piece of this luxury in your home. Why not set yourself apart and consider faux finishes for your furniture and fittings?

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