Custom Bedside Cabinets

A bedroom is supposed to be a haven, where you can escape from the world and spend quality time sleeping or otherwise. How the room is furnished and decorated is completely down to personal taste, be it minimalist with just a lamp and a bed to cozy with lots of wooden furniture and cushions. Whatever your style, there are ways of making this room the place you want to be.

Lighting is an important aspect of any room, the bedroom especially. The right lighting can create an atmosphere and ambience that either sets the room off or spoils the effect completely. Creative use of light can turn an ordinary room into something truly special. Uplighters, down lighters, lamps, dimmer switches and colored shades or light bulbs can all add to the atmosphere of the space. Dimmers are great because they can quickly change the mood lighting in a room from bright and practical to dim and romantic.

Soft furnishings such as curtains, drapes, quilt covers, comforters and carpeting also add a lot of character and mood to a bedroom. Here the effects are more obvious and can’t really be changed that easily to thinking ahead about what kind of style or mood you want in the room is the best idea. Softer furnishings with warmer colors for a romantic room, or starker colors for a more modern room. Pastels work well for a room somewhere between the two.

It’s no surprise that furniture plays a big part in how a room looks either. The bed is obviously going to be the centerpiece and will need to conform to the overall effect you’re trying to achieve. Wardrobes if you have them should either be of the same style or at least complement the bed. Having everything that matches isn’t everybody’s idea of style, so picking elements that complement is a good way of keeping an overall theme. Bedside cabinets can be effective pieces in creating a look too. They aren’t just for hiding books and holding lamps.

Dressers or chests of drawers might also factor in the bedroom and will need to be considered like all the other pieces already mentioned, along with other pieces you might want to include like full length mirrors or free standing lamps. All are completely optional but can add that extra something to many styles.

Wall covering and carpet should be considered together as one should relate directly with the other. Whether you pain, wallpaper or use fabric, the color of the walls will directly influence the mood of the room. The same as with furniture, warm colors will create a warmer, cozier atmosphere, whereas starker colors will be cooler, and maybe more modern, especially black and white. Pastel wall colors sit somewhere in the middle and lend themselves to all styles of room. If you choose darker colors, then more light will be needed, natural or otherwise, lighter rooms may need thick drapes to keep extra daylight out to stop it becoming too bright.

Your taste will dictate how you have your bedroom, but consideration will dictate how effective it will be.