Custom doors to spice your home

Let’s reinvent your house and make it feel beautiful again. A good goal to set for yourself and it’s easily done. Not to mention wise for your most important asset, your home. One specific way to accomplish this new found inspiration is by replacing your original or old doors with new ones! Not only will you give your house a new refreshing look but you will also benefit from the advantages such as the safety provided for your family, better locking devices with quality keys, and better insulation via heating and cooling. Not to mention you will have fun and experience the pride of a job well done.

You need to do some research on you project and be wise when you make decisions that will effect the outcome of your new doors. Have you already painted the exterior of your house and is replacing your doors an ‘after-step’ to that? Are you planning to paint your house in the future and should you make decisions that are a Win/Win for the then and now? Be wise and move forward with the process which includes: Measuring the dimensions of your old doors, making notes and measurements on the old door hinges and seeing if they need to be replaced for function or fashion. Also check to see if the doors jams and rubber seals need to be replaced or even added. It’s important for saving energy and will insulate your home better.

Your research should now take you to some local store that you can look, touch and feel. The internet is not a starting place for this project. You need to go and really feel the weight and different types of wood with stained finishes. A quality door is determined by weight and strength. The big dollar homes we all aspire to have are built with heavy/strong closing doors. Another benefit by default is a beautiful, modern, or hand crafted design coming standard issue in the price. “You get what you pay for.” The more expensive the door you pay for is the overall quality of door you will get. Budget accordingly to include all of the materials you will need. The Doors, Hinges, Doors Seals, Varnish and Finishes, along with Hardware such as screws and door plates.

A side note to mention here is that if you want to really invest into the best doors money can buy, but can’t afford to do so all at once, then go door by door. Install them one at a time. Start with your front and back door first. Really take the time to do it right. It takes time to do the job right, so spend as you go. It is the wise thing to do in order to maximize your rewards now and minimize your punishments (wallet) in the long term.

I have a few recommendations on some manufactures I feel make a quality door. Trans-Pac, T.M. Cobb, and Masonite. All are of high quality and they have distinctive looks and designs unique to themselves. My favorite is Trans-Pac. You can give a look see at This look is one of solid grandeur and class. Fits well with new homes and getaways you might find in a forest or private resort. T.M. Cobb has it all. All styles and grades. A good choice. Masonite is for the contemporary and simplistic. A very tidy and clean look.

After you have done the research and purchased all of your materials to do the job right, you must decide on whether you install them yourself or have a local handyman or a professional do it for you. Hanging a door is pretty simple if you are inclined to do the normal day-today household chores. At times is as easy as pulling the pin found in each hinge out and taking the door right off. Other times its more complicated and a professional should be involved. Be wise and make the right decision.

I hope you will find your new project exciting and rewarding. Remember, its FUN! You will be able t pick out everything you like about a door that invites you and your family into your home. It is like giving your house a face life in one swift motion. Color, Wood, Varnish, Type of Door Handle and Key Lock. You will be proud and happy with your gorgeous “New Custom Doors!” Go for it and most importantly…have fun doing it. Cheers!